Chapter Pretests

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1:  Approximately how many fire fighters were injured in the United States in 2005?
A: 1000
B: 3000
C: 12500
D: Over 80,000

2:  Which NFPA standard deals with Fire Brigades in the United States?
A: NFPA 600
B: NFPA 1081
C: NFPA 29
D: Both A and B are correct

3:  What are three categories of Brigade members?
A: Incipient, Driver, and Incident Commander
B: Interior Structural, Fire Protection Engineer, and Driver
C: Advanced Exterior, Brigade Member, and Driver
D: Incipient, Advanced Exterior, and Interior Structural Member

4:  What is freelancing?
A: The safest way to operate on the fireground
B: Designing a safety program in the facility
C: Acting independently of a superior's orders
D: Training and learning on your own

5:  What does the M stand for in EMS?
A: Mentored
B: Minimum
C: Mandatory
D: Medical

6:  The backpack component of an SCBA:
A: Holds tools and water
B: Provides the frame for mounting the other components
C: Cannot be taken on an interior attack
D: Usually has to be fitted by the manufacturer

7:  To what government agency are accidents and fatalities reported?
B: NFPA 1081

8:  What does PPE stand for?
A: Personally Purchased Equipment
B: Private Protection Ensemble
C: Personal Protective Equipment
D: Practice Putting on Equipment

9:  Using protective clothing frequently calls for fire fighters to don and doff. What does don mean?
A: To learn, as in a procedure
B: To acquire, as in go get
C: To carry from one place to another
D: To put on, as in clothing

10:  What is the informal term for hazardous materials?
A: Biotec
B: Hazmat
C: Flamers
D: Suiters

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