Chapter Pretests

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1:  What term refers to the physical removal of a person from imminent danger?
A: Search
B: Rescue
C: Salvage
D: Overhaul

2:  What is the type of search in which fire fighters quickly attempt to locate any potential victims?
A: Primary search
B: Size-up
C: Pan search
D: Scan

3:  What communications should fire fighters maintain while doing a primary search?
A: None; they should be absolutely quiet in order to hear anyone calling out.
B: Because of deteriorating conditions, teams must relay their locations periodically.
C: They should shout "Is anyone here?" or something similar every few seconds.
D: Both B and C are correct.

4:  When is the highest potential for life risk in industrial occupancies?
A: During night-time shifts
B: At night and on weekends
C: During turnaround and re-tooling periods
D: During lunch or break periods

5:  When conscious victims are assisted on to the rescue ladder from a window, how should they exit the window?
A: Head first, facing the ladder
B: Head first, facing away from the ladder
C: Feet first, facing the ladder
D: Feet first, facing away from the ladder

6:  What is an important question to ask occupants found outside a structure upon arrival?
A: Is anyone else inside the building?
B: Do you know what started this fire?
C: How did you discover the fire?
D: Is the property insured?

7:  Where might conscious adults be found during a fire?
A: In the closest locker room
B: Under protected coverings
C: In their work areas
D: Wherever the evacuation plan instructs them to go

8:  What is the most efficient way to remove conscious victims from a building for fire fighters?
A: The exit assist
B: A straight-stick aerial ladder
C: A "people-chute"
D: An elevating platform

9:  What is a conscious victim's normal reaction to a ladder rescue?
A: Fear
B: Elation
C: Jubilation
D: Disbelief

10:  Which is preferred for rescue scenarios: an aerial ladder or an aerial platform?
A: They are both equal in preference
B: Platform
C: Ladder
D: Ladders under 24 feet, aerial platforms from higher floors.

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