Chapter Pretests

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1:  What is the leading cause of fire fighter deaths in the U.S.?
A: Stress and overexertion
B: Slip and fall
C: Vehicle accident
D: Violence

2:  Exercise routines for firefighting personnel should include weight training, cardiovascular workouts, and:
A: Swimming
B: Stretching
C: Running
D: Fencing

3:  How does smoking affect the respiratory systems of fire fighters?
A: It causes an increase in hardiness
B: It causes an increase in efficiency
C: It causes a reduction in efficiency
D: It causes no measurable effect

4:  What part of the body should be used for lifting?
A: The waist
B: The legs
C: The back
D: The shoulder girdle

5:  In training for use of personal protective clothing, what does the word "doff" mean?
A: To put on
B: To prepare to put on
C: To prepare to take off
D: To take off

6:  What agency sets the minimum age requirement for hiring by a career fire department?
A: The municipality
D: The Fire Department Charter

7:  Carbon monoxide, a gas present at most fires:
A: Can be fatal to firefighters not wearing respiratory protection
B: Is detectable by smell.
C: Is acceptable over long periods of exposure.
D: Will not affect younger members.

8:  Structural firefighting PPE is designed for:
A: All types of emergency service work.
B: Water rescue only.
C: Hazmat operations only.
D: No other hazardous exposure conditions.

9:  In the context of clothing, what does "don" mean?
A: To put on
B: To prepare for putting on
C: To take off
D: To prepare for taking off

10:  What is the normal atmospheric percentage of oxygen in air
A: 79
B: 62.5
C: 48.6
D: 21

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