Chapter Pretests

Please read each question and select your answer from the choices provided. You must complete all of the questions in order to view your results. At the end of each exam, you have the option to e-mail your results to your instructor.

1:  Supervising the brigade training is the duty of:
A: The Brigade Safety Officer
B: The Mutual Aid Coordinator
C: The Fire Brigade Leaders
D: Each individual Brigade Member

2:  Pre-planning in an industrial setting:
A: Is not needed when workers are full-time employees.
B: Should be reviewed and updated only when new equipment is purchased or processes change.
C: Is not needed if Mutual Aid is the only response to incidents.
D: Is one of the duties of the Brigade Leader.

3:  Voluntary Brigade Members may be limited in:
A: Training
B: Willingness to respond to hazardous incidents
C: Ability to respond due to job requirements
D: All of the above

4:  Brigade equipment can be limited by budget concerns. Support equipment available for routine events should be:
A: Recommended by Brigade Members during pre-planning
B: Maintained and ready for use at all times
C: Only maintained and tested by contract vendors
D: A and B

5:  Brigade Leaders will most likely:
A: Have no role in conducting investigations
B: Only take part in investigations where blame will be assigned
C: Work with management and special teams to analyze incidents
D: Delegate all investigative functions to subordinates.

6:  It is not necessary for a Brigade Leader to build trust with the members because:
A: They have to accept his leadership unconditionally
B: Members can act independently during incidents
C: He/she will have SOP/SOG's to answer all tactical questions
D: This statement is false

7:  During the equipment selection process, the budget requisitions:
A: Should be carefully researched by all parties
B: Are normally not a factor in the process
C: Can be over-ridden by Brigade leaders when management sets limits
D: Will never include "equipment on hand"

8:  A Safety Officer:
A: Is mandated by OSHA and EPA for hazardous materials incidents
B: Is always a voluntary elected position in the Brigade
C: Should be the only appointment made by the Brigade Leader
D: Should only work out of the Command Post

9:  Brigade training evolutions should:
A: Be conducted only semi-annually due to managements' requirements
B: Never use expensive specialized equipment
C: Be coordinated to include both part-time and full-time staff
D: Never use SCBA because they need to be sanitized at company expense

10:  Training evolutions:
A: Should be conducted by the most senior member regardless of expertise
B: Should be conducted by trained instructors
C: Should be conducted by management to keep costs under control
D: Should never have a specific objective but should be flexible

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