Chapter Pretests

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1:  When two materials rub against each other and cause friction results, what type of energy is created?
A: Kinetic energy in the form of pressure
B: Torsional
C: Mechanical energy in the form of heat
D: Torque

2:  What is the thermal column of heated gases and smoke that rises into the air above a fire called?
A: A dome
B: A vector
C: A plume
D: A tender

3:  What does volatile mean?
A: Pungent or poisonous
B: Inclined to evaporate
C: Unstable or dangerous
D: Potentially explosive

4:  What is the term for the condition that occurs when all the exposed combustibles in a room reach their ignition temperature and burn?
A: Backdraft
B: Flashover
C: Rollover

5:  What is the explosion called that occurs when oxygen is suddenly admitted to a confined area that is very hot and contains large amounts of combustible vapors and smoke?
A: Rollover
B: Backdraft
C: Flashover

6:  Though not itself toxic, carbon dioxide can still injure people. How?
A: By burning the skin
B: By inducing "rapture of the deep"
C: By inflaming the bronchial tubes
D: By displacing oxygen

7:  How long, if at all, can a fire fighter in full protective gear survive flashover?
A: Virtually indefinitely, as long as air lasts
B: Eight to twelve minutes
C: Two to three minutes
D: Just a few seconds

8:  What kind of substance will rise and seek the highest levels in a building?
A: A liquid
B: An isomer
C: A polymer
D: A heated gas

9:  In an enclosed room with a fire in it, where are the highest temperatures?
A: Along the floor
B: In a column in the middle of the room
C: At the ceiling
D: In the lower corners of the room

10:  Fires can spread in 4 different ways. Which way involves transfer of heat by invisible waves?
A: Radiation
B: Conduction
C: Convection
D: Direct flame contact

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