Distance Learning

Distance learning allows students, instructors, and course content to be located in different locations, enabling learning to occur asynchronously (independent of time and instructor) or synchronously (at a present time with instructor involvement). Our distance learning courses can stand-alone, or be used in combination with traditional classroom-based courses, or with separate skill labs/assessments. This flexibility of mixing distance learning courses with physical on-site activities is referred to as blended (hybrid) learning.

JBCourse Manager

Jones and Bartlett Publishers has developed a powerful Fire Fighter learning management system, JBCourse Manager, powered by Moodle. Combining our robust teaching and learning materials with an intuitive and customizable learning platform, instructors can create an online course quickly and easily with JBCourse Manager.

The system allows you to:

  • Customize pre-loaded content or easily import new content
  • Provide online testing
  • Offer discussion forums, real-time chat, group projects, and assignments
  • Organize course curriculums and schedules
  • Track students progress, generate reports, and manage training and compliance activities

JBCourse Manager is FREE to adopters of Industrial Fire Brigade: Principles and Practice. - Coming Soon

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