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Chapter 10 - Response and Size Up

  • for an emergency response begin long before an alarm is received. Each brigade member must ensure that all personal protective equipment, apparatus, and are ready for response. Adhering to simple procedures enables crews to arrive at an emergency quickly and safely.
  • Size-up is the ongoing evaluation of an emergency situation. The size-up process begins when information about an emergency incident is received. Size-up involves both an evaluation of the known facts of the situation, including the incident location, time, , type of structure, exposures, available resources, and life hazard, and a consideration of any probabilities that could the situation.
  • Brigade members must understand the need to dispatch information properly.
  • As a brigade member, your job is to respond to a scene. Follow your brigade's SOPs when riding in apparatus to the scene.
  • Carefully all apparatus.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when responding to an incident on the highway. might be distracted and not see you in the road.
  • All information received at the communication center must be relayed to fire brigade units. What may seem insignificant to the dispatcher may be essential to the .
  • Size-up is critical to the successful of an emergency incident.
  • The incident action plan should be based on the five basic fireground objectives:
    • any victims.
    • Protect .
    • Confine the fire.
    • Extinguish the fire.
    • Salvage property and the fire.

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