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Chapter 12 - Ladders

  • The primary function of ladders is to provide safe access to and egress from otherwise areas.
  • Ladders can be used for several auxiliary purposes including channeling debris, serving as a , and holding other firefighting equipment.
  • To inspect and maintain ladders, the brigade member must become familiar with ladder and the terminology used to describe ladders.
  • Ladders must be regularly inspected, , and maintained.
  • To select the appropriate ladder for a job, the brigade member must know what types of ladders are as well as their uses and limitations.
  • Ladders used in the fire service can be classed into two broad categories: ladders and portable ladders.
  • is key to coordinating efforts when working with ladders.
  • To deploy a ladder, brigade members must be able to carry, place, raise, and climb the ladder safely, using common techniques.
  • Brigade members must be able to work from ladders.

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