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Chapter 13 - Search and Rescue

  • Search and rescue are the at a fire scene and may be assigned to any type of fire company.
  • Search and rescue must be other firefighting functions.
  • The initial overview and of the fire scene provide valuable information for making decisions about search-and-rescue functions.
  • The IC must be able to make about whether it is safe to begin a search.
  • Search-and-rescue priorities start with the fire floor and then move to the floor the fire.
  • Brigade members must be properly and equipped for search and rescue.
  • The primary search should be as as possible in the time available.
  • The search is made after the fire is under control.
  • Brigade members must use the senses of when searching.
  • equipment can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a search in a smoke-filled building.
  • Brigade members must always be aware of possible routes.
  • Rescue techniques include assists, , and carries.

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