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Chapter 14 - Ventilation

  • Ventilation is a process that helps heat, smoke, and toxic gases from a burning building.
  • Ventilation is a critical component of and must be coordinated with the advancement of attack hose lines.
  • Ventilation saves lives and brigade member safety.
  • ventilation utilizes the doors and windows on the same level as the fire.
  • ventilation involves openings in roofs or floors.
  • Brigade members should know and recognize the warning signs of .
  • Brigade members should be able to recognize in building construction that will enhance or inhibit ventilation efforts.
  • Brigade members should be able to identify the associated with ventilation operations.
  • Brigade members should be able to identify when ventilation is and when it may be an unacceptable risk.
  • Brigade members should understand ventilation techniques and when each should be used.

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