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Chapter 16 - Fire Hose, Nozzles, Streams

  • Fire hose is the most firefighting tool.
  • Fire hose comes in different for a variety of uses.
  • hose is designed to be used for fire suppression.
  • hose is used to deliver water to an attack engine from a pressurized source such as a hydrant or another engine.
  • Through the use of hose appliances, brigade members have many options to choose from for fire hose to meet the requirements of the situation.
  • There are many different ways to carry, load, and transport hose on fire apparatus. The method chosen is usually determined by the of the method and the needs of the individual fire brigade.
  • Fire hose and need proper care and maintenance just as any other firefighting equipment. Properly cared for equipment will have a long service life.
  • Fire hydraulics influences hose and configurations.
  • Nozzle selection is determined by the effects desired. Examples are stream and straight stream.

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