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Chapter 18 - Fire Fighter Survival

  • Risk-benefit analysis should be done continuously by members when operating at hazardous incidents.
  • Hazards of some kind are present. They should be identified and used to make a risk-benefit analysis.
  • The personnel accountability system is designed to keep track of the of all personnel operating at an incident.
  • The is a roll call taken at an emergency incident.
  • Communication procedures should be known and used in a consistent manner at all incidents. This process is especially important when brigade members are .
  • Rapid intervention crews are in place on the fireground for one central purpose: to rescue .
  • Brigade members should learn, by whatever means possible, the important procedures that are directly related to safety and the safety of fellow brigade members.
  • management is a critical skill that takes training and practice.
  • Emergency evacuation methods are used when normal means of are blocked, and include the use of normal tools and techniques in nontraditional ways.
  • is a known hazard that emergency personnel can learn to deal with. help is usually available in the form of in-house programs or referral to professionals. This hazard deals with long-term health, safety, and survival.

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