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Chapter 19 - Salvage and Overhaul

  • The objective of is to protect property and belongings from damage.
  • Primary loss refers to the damage caused by the fire. Secondary losses are caused by smoke, heat, and damage as well as the damage from the fire fighting operations.
  • is needed at emergency scenes to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Salvage is a property conservation issue. It should be started life safety and incident stabilization are addressed.
  • It may be necessary to water out of a building or to rechannel water to remove it from a building.
  • Good ventilation helps to reduce the damage caused by .
  • Objects can be removed or .
  • Proper safety practices must be followed when engaging in salvage and overhaul.
  • The objective of overhaul is to locate and any remaining fire.
  • Overhaul may be completed for a minor fire or may be extensive and time-consuming for a major fire.
  • Use your senses of to determine where overhaul is needed.

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