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Chapter 20 - Fire Fighter Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation is a specially designated area where can rest, receive fluids and nourishment, and be evaluated for medical and CISM problems.
  • Rehabilitation centers help prevent injuries and illnesses, enable brigade members to accomplish more during an emergency incident, and the need for rescuing exhausted or collapsed brigade members from the fire scene.
  • Types of incidents that may necessitate rehabilitation centers include fires, storage tank fires, and flammable liquid and gas fires. Rehabilitation is also needed for hazardous materials incidents, search-and-rescue operations and training activities.
  • The seven parts of rehabilitation are: , revitalization, medical evaluation and treatment, regular monitoring of vital signs, transport, critical incident stress management, and . Revitalization consists of rest, fluid replacement, nutrition, and stabilization.
  • Your responsibilities in rehabilitation are to know your limits, to listen to your , and to use the rehabilitation facilities when needed.

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