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Chapter 21 - Fire Suppression

  • Wear appropriate PPE to fires.
  • Understand the fire and how eliminating one part of it will suppress any fire.
  • Fire suppression operations can be classified as either .
  • Know and understand your brigade's on dealing with different types of fires and extinguishing agents.
  • Never any fire.
  • There are three primary fire streams: fog, straight, and .
  • There are three types of attack: direct, indirect, and combination.
  • Large are often used in defensive situations to direct a heavy stream of water onto a fire from an exterior position.
  • Master stream devices produce high-volume water streams for fires.
  • Exposure protection refers to actions that are taken to prevent the spread of fire to areas .
  • fires are common in most communities. Given their explosive potential, proceed with caution.
  • Special tactics must be used to extinguish a flammable fire.
  • Flammable gas cylinders that are exposed to direct are subject to catastrophic failure, commonly called a boiling-liquid, expanding vapor explosion (BLEVE).
  • fires involve energized electrical equipment.
  • The preservation of evidence begins suppression activities.

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