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Chapter 22 - Preincident Planning

  • Preincident planning enables a fire brigade to evaluate information as well as the conditions of target hazards before an emergency.
  • Preincident plans must be gathered, recorded, updated, and it must be made available to members of the brigade who might respond to that location.
  • The takes the information collected from the preincident survey and fire safety survey to create a preincident plan.
  • The brigade member conducting the preincident survey should prepare to note the layout and location information.
  • The brigade member conducting the fire safety survey will focus specifically on identifying hazards and .
  • The preincident plan provides tactical information to the during an emergency.
  • Brigade members should take into account the specific considerations of each type of when creating a preincident survey.
  • Preincident plans should also prepare for incidents that could occur in locations like airports and .

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