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Chapter 24 - Terrorism Awareness

  • Potential terrorism targets include:
    • Infrastructure
    • Civilian
    • Agroterrorism
  • Terrorists use several different kinds of weapons including explosives, chemical agents, biologic agents, and agents.
  • The possibility of devices must be considered at all terrorist incidents.
  • Brigade members should become familiar with terrorist targets in their response area.
  • Most chemical agents produce symptoms almost immediately upon .
  • Biological agents usually produce flu-like symptoms following an incubation period of .
  • When the of radioactive material is suspected, brigade members should limit their exposure time.
  • Brigade members should establish a area a safe distance from the scene of a terrorist incident and follow the direction of the IC.
  • PPE will provide the brigade member with limited protection from agents used by terrorists.
  • Be aware of the homeland security level at all times.
  • Homeland Security are issued by the president on matters pertaining to homeland security.

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