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Chapter 25 - Fire Detection, Protection & Suppression Systems

  • All brigade members, not just brigade leaders and inspectors, need to have a general understanding of how fire alarm, , and suppression systems function.
  • Brigade members will respond to more false alarms than ; knowing how to handle false alarms is critical for providing customer service and preventing future .
  • Although it is not the brigade member's job to maintain fire protection systems, brigade members should be able to the plant to restore systems to service.
  • Regardless of how a fire protection system is, a serious fire can still occur.
  • It is every brigade member's job to try to limit water damage from the activation of a system.
  • Brigade members must understand the potential shortcomings of using a system to prevent injuries and fatalities.
  • Specialized extinguishing systems are often used in areas where would not be an acceptable extinguishing agent.

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