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Chapter 26 - Fire Cause Determination

  • Preserving assists brigade members with the primary goal of preventing loss of lives and property loss.
  • Fires are caused by either incendiary or causes.
  • Basic fire investigation includes locating the point of origin, determining the fuel used, and identifying the source.
  • Fire investigation should be performed by one of the following: trained fire brigade investigators, the fire marshal's office, investigators, or a law enforcement agency.
  • evidence must be preserved by maintaining an unbroken chain of custody.
  • The brigade member's role in fire investigation is to possible evidence until it can be turned over to a trained fire investigator.
  • The brigade member's role in identifying and preserving evidence continues throughout the fire suppression sequence, and includes the following factors:
    • Time of day,
    • People the scene
    • Extent of fire, number of of fire
    • Security of the building
    • Signs of property
    • or people in the area
    • Indications of unusual fire situations
    • Unusual of smoke
    • Position of
    • The reaction of the fire during initial attack
    • Abnormal behavior of fire
    • Condition of the building
    • Need to coordinate and evidence preservation activities
    • Need to transfer responsibility of the property from fire suppression personnel to
    • Need to the property

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