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Chapter 8 - Fire Fighter Tools & Equipment

  • Tools and equipment extend your reach and multiply the you can apply to an object.
  • Your safety and the safety of others are of paramount importance when using tools and equipment.
  • Learn to use tools and equipment under conditions, while wearing motion-limiting PPE gear.
  • Strive for use of tools and equipment.
  • Know where tools and equipment are stored in the and on the apparatus.
  • The primary of tools and equipment are:
    • —assemble or disassemble
    • Push or pull
    • Pry or
    • Strike
    • A combination
  • Use dispatch information and size-up information to the types of tools you may need.
  • Learn which tools and equipment are used during the following phases of fire :
    • /Size-up
    • Forcible Entry
    • Attack
    • Search and Rescue
    • Rapid Company/Crew
    • Ventilation
    • Overhaul
  • Proper selection and of tools and equipment are essential.

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